Randy Seedorff & Soul Purpose -
October, 1993

Dear Journal,

I am no longer the man I was this morning. The man I was is dead and like the mythical phoenix, I have risen out of the ashes and seen the Truth. I have seen God and His mercy. I suppose I should tell you what has led to this change, shouldn’t I?

Today started just as any other. I was scheduled as the opening manager at the restaurant. I made sure I was there at 7:00 before the rest of the morning staff arrived in order to have things up and running for the most part. I couldn’t have been there for very long, when I heard a knock at the back door. Thinking it was the rest of the staff, I opened the door to let them in. It wasn’t the staff. Instead, four men in black clothes and ski masks (really original) forced their way in and overpowered me. Naturally, I fought back as well as I could, but when a gun is suddenly pointed at your head, the fight in you just stops. I was then directed, at gunpoint, to the office where the safe was. “Open the safe!” they demanded. Being the smart person I am, I obliged. After emptying the contents of the safe into a canvas bag, the men ripped out the computer cables and phone cords from the wall to tie me up. There I was, on the floor with my hands bound behind my back and tied to my feet. It wasn’t exactly a comfortable position, but as they talked about whether they wanted to shoot me in the head or slice open my neck, comfort was the last thing I was thinking about. Instead, my life flashed before my eyes, I thought of my wife and kids. “I can’t die” I thought. “I’m only thirty seven! I haven’t even gotten to really live.” Well, perhaps I had lived, just not the correct way. Not the way God wanted. Quickly, a prayer slipped from my lips. “God, forgive me for not living as I should. Please, spare my life. I promise if you do, I will use the rest of my life for you, wholly and completely.” As soon as my prayer ended, I heard a car outside honk. There was a fifth man, the getaway driver! The men left without killing me!

Needless to say, when my staff finally did arrive they found me on the floor still in shock, not to mention the back pain I was feeling from being tied up the way I was. However, I was alive! That was what mattered most! They called the police and I was informed that there was a 16” knife on a shelf, outside the office door.

So, as I said at the beginning of my entry, I am a new man. A new man in Christ, who will keep the promise I made Him. I know a lot of promises are made to God in situations like that. I also know that most are not kept, but mine will be. I will use my talents and life for Him.

December, 1993

Dear Journal,

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work tonight (I listen to the Christian station now) and heard a singer named Steven Curtis Chapman. His songs, Journal, they are so good! The lyrics are powerful and seem to hit my spirit right where I need it. I also heard another singer, Paul Baloche. It was like I could just feel the Holy Spirit right there in my car! Maybe, that’s what I should be doing with my talents. I promised God I would use them for Him. Maybe this is how I can do it! I could take what I have heard from both Steven and Paul and make it my own. I’ve always loved playing and singing with guitar. Now I can play and sing with a spirit of worship rather than just getting up and performing. I think I could do it, Journal. After all, I did get some training from Mom. With her teachings of how to sing correct melodies and harmonies mixed with the guitar lessons Uncle Keith gave me… This is it! I have finally found my calling!

May, 1997

Dear Journal,

I would ask if you’ve ever had the moment where you feel in complete and utter awe, but since you aren’t a person, I know you haven’t. Well today was the day that I was in awe. I was in awe of what 80,000 men sound like singing praises to God.

I was able to be a part of the Promise Keepers Choir in Arrowhead Stadium. That alone was a fantastic experience, but then thousands of the men at the conference started to sing along with us. It was like thunder rolling, deep and powerful. It was like the cloud that Christ spoke of in Mark 14:62. We could feel Christ’s presence in the cloud of heaven. As if the thunder of our praise was a part of the cloud. I’ve never experienced anything like it. And when Dr. Tony Evans led the invitation of salvation, I watched as 2,000 men dedicated their lives to Christ. That was my moment of complete and utter awe. It’s only something God can do!

January, 2018

Dear Journal,

If someone had told me twenty-five years ago, before my life was changed that one day I would be an associate worship pastor I wouldn’t have believed them. I might have even laughed a bit at the thought of it. I definitely wouldn’t have believed that I would be a founder of my own ministry and a Christian music artist.

And yet, here I am. I am currently a worship pastor at Trinity Church of the Nazarene, the founder of Soul Purpose Ministries, and indeed a Christian artist! I even released an album called “Elevate” last year. I have released music to radio, two of which (“Fearless” from Elevate and my arrangement of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”) landed the #1 spot on the CRC Charts! Reverbnation even has Randy Seedorff and Soul Purpose ranked as #1 on the Christian Rock Charts!

I am having so much fun, Journal. Whether it’s leading worship, playing in a concert or simply rehearsing. I’d like to think that my style is a mix of Big Daddy Weave, Matt Redman with a bit of Lincoln Brewster thrown in. No matter what, it’s my hope to simply bring enjoyment to whomever is listening or taking part. I have never forgotten the promise I made in 1993 to use my life wholly and completely for Christ and His purposes.

I have no doubt that I will be adding to you, Journal, sometime in the future, but for now, I’m signing off. There is still a lot to do for God’s Kingdom!

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